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We create bespoke hybrid mobile apps to manage and schedule visitors for private properties and estates worldwide. Our app will help you schedule your visit and authenticate the identity of your visitors, before they are permitted entry onto your premises.

Replace the manual process of access to premises, which is prone to human error

Eliminate unwanted visitors.

Feel secure with the press of a button; optimise security and reduce threats of robbery and related crimes.

Interested in becoming a VisiLinx Partner?

As a VisiLinx Partner, you’ll share in subscription revenues from your referred client. Revenue can be a substantial percentage of all sales for each referred client for the life of the subscription.

We can set up a call and online demo to discuss VisiLinX and get you started straight away if the Program is right for both parties.
We offer a revenue share on software sales and would be happy to discuss this with you too.
For more information please contact: partnership@visilinx.com

Visitor Management: Simple & Secure

VisiLinx has two distinct applications. The V Manager Interface enables your security staff to manage/log visitor entries and can provide reports where needed. The Homeowner Interface allows you to schedule visits and alerts you when your visitor has checked in.


Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily


Our team of professional development engineers work closely with you in order develop just what you need.

V Manager

Protect the confidentiality of visitors, and Improve lobby and security desk productivity.

14-day free trial

Instant access to ALL features. No credit card required. No fixed contracts. No hidden costs. Prices are ex taxes.


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  • Priority online and telephone support
  • Unlimited check-ins Ideal for high volume check-in and multiple sites.
  • All features included
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10,000 / mo
  • per House billed monthly or ₦120,000 annually
  • oline support
  • All features included
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